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Commemorating the ubiquitous history of Korean Provisional Government, the project proposes to capture the present and the future of Korea in three architectural elements. The "Nine Rooms", symbolizing the nine central locations of the Provisional Government, proposes nine exhibition galleries. While each gallery commemorates the activities of the Government in each city, it is used as a medium that is an abstract representation of each location's architectural environment. Instead of having fixed entries and circulation, the "Open Platform" allows access from all sides to the site in order to provide an open ground that accommodates the "Nine Rooms" without hierarchy while reflecting its dynamic site geography. The "Flexible Space & Envelope" provides flexibility of space outside of the "Nine Rooms" for different forms of shows and events, as well as interchangeable exterior envelope for any future requirement for the building. Furthermore, it is hoped that the space of the memorial will be built democratically through the voluntary participation of the people of the Republic of Korea celebrating its 100th anniversary.

—Nine Rooms

2018, Ideas Competition, 1st Place

Seoul, Korea


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