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A train station is not merely a stop along a railway path, but it serves as a gateway for commuters into a city at every stop. It is a physical space for gathering and experiencing. Jeonju station expansion is a municipal project to accommodate increased passenger volumes through 2020 and serve as a new transit-oriented gateway to the city. The ‘bridge’ platform will connect the two neighborhoods of Jeonju east and west of the train station, becoming a new functional city center. The scheme also seeks the strengths of Jeonju as a city with a rich cultural heritage and traditional gastronomy. The new station will serve as a ‘market’ to increase exposure of the city’s rich culture to visitors and to further develop its gastronomy sector in a highly accessible environment. Extending over the ‘market’, lattice structure and curved glass roofs will be introduced as a homage to the traditional Korean roof construction in Hanok.

—Bridge, Market, and Station

2019, International Competition, 2nd Place


Jeonju, Korea

37,200 sf / 3,455 sqm

In Collaboration with Simplex Architecture

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