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Located at the northern tip of the Sangmu Cultural Park Zone of the new downtown area in Gwangju, the Sangmu incinerator site became a new possibility for a civic cultural facility since its last operation in 2016. In the new central location as the city’s main library, Gwangju City Main Library will be a connector of culture and nature, people and knowledge. New media technologies change the way we consume knowledge. While there are numerous new ways to convey knowledge and information, the traditional concept of books is also challenged. Being liberated from its physical limitation of text on paper, now a book can be ubiquitous without its physical presence. In the library of the future, books will carry more symbolic and experiential meaning than the mere information they contain. Widely dispersed in the natural setting of the park, the new library’s bookstacks hold symbolic meaning of books and celebrated library experience, as well as its physical content, books.

—Where the Book Things Are

2020, Proposal

Gwangju, Korea


118,400 sf / 11,000 sqm

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