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The primary objective of this project is to rebrand a biotech startup by transforming the facade of their old manufacturing warehouse. In order to meet the challenges of the site's constraints, we selected a lightweight metal panel system as the most practical solution. The existing location of the entrances and window openings was the hard constraint of this renovation.

The new facade features a series of stratified bands created from aluminum composite material(ACM) panels. Each band is designed to shift outward on every floor, creating a sense of depth and dimensionality that was previously lacking. To ensure ample natural light exposure to the interior, micro perforations are applied to every other band in relation to the existing fenestrations. Additionally, folded geometries are implemented throughout various areas, such as the windows, entrance, and canopy, to enhance the sense of depth and ultimately embody the firm's new identity.

—Pleated Surface

2022, Built

Commercial, Facade Renovation

Anyang, Korea

3,200 sf / 300 sqm

Photo Credit: Bojune Kwon

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