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ATK - The Die Is Cast [ I ]

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Architecture of Insecurity exhibition is coming soon.

"This Architecture of Insecurity is an ongoing phenomenon with diverse cultural influences here in New York City, and is the research focus of STUDIO KYSH—. Based on field-surveyed data, the studio’s work extracts the formal essence of generic building façades in their pure form without any material properties. In Gottfried Semper’s sense of symbolic “metabolism”, the work mimics and exaggerates the architectural evolution of the city by displacing and fragmenting the buildings and architectural elements from their origin and context. Their work is to pose more questions about the urban landscape that surrounds us. Does the reassembly of the architectural fragments give us an extreme New York City? With further abstraction, what do they become?”

STUDIO KYSH—, Architecture of Insecurity, 2021


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